Mount Pleasant Homes: How to Make a New Home More Energy Efficient

So you’re preparing to buy a new Mount Pleasant home. More than the purchase process, one of the important things you need to consider is to implement ways to save money on your property for years to come. Thinking about these considerations this early will allow you to start saving precious dollars sooner than later. With that in mind, here are three things that you should perform immediately to reduce the consumption and maintenance costs of your soon-to-be purchased Mount Pleasant real estate in the long term.

Inspect the doors, windows, and attic for leaks

Leaky areas are the main reasons for substantial energy loss in a home. As soon as you move in, check all the seals on the windows and doors, and schedule the installation of new caulking and stripping if necessary. If the windows are old, you might want to consider installing new energy efficient windows. The blog article originally appeared on blog page.


East Van Homes For Sale: What a Home Seller Should Disclose in His PDS

Some East Vancouver sellers worry that if they reveal certain information about the property that they are selling, buyers won’t be interested buy it. This sometimes happens, and the result is a property that stays unsold for a very long time in the East Van homes for sale market. However, there’s no way around it, because in Vancouver, homeowners listing a property for sale needs to complete a detailed residential Property Disclosure Statement (PDS).

All potential deal breakers must be lifted

Real estate disclosure laws dictate what a home seller needs to disclose. The PDS lists potential problems that could be deal breakers in the sale of the home including the use of asbestos in the insulation, illegal renovations, unregistered easements, and even non-tangible qualities that may elicit negative psychological or emotional responses on the part of a potential buyer, such as a death and other disturbing facts about the home’s history. Read more from this blog.

Buying East Vancouver Houses for Sale: Tips to Save on Home Insurance

Getting a home mortgage is a huge responsibility in and of itself. Regardless of how much you borrow to purchase a house for sale in the East Vancouver location you’re interested in, you need to make your monthly payments without stretching yourself too thin. That said, there’s another expense that you should never forget about: home insurance.

Most lenders will require you to have a homeowner’s insurance before they can approve your loan. However, just because you need to have one doesn’t mean you should go overbudget for it. Here’s how you can save on your rates while making sure your new property is adequately covered. Head on over to blog page to know more.

How to Sell Your Vancouver Community Centre Property During Winter

Do you have a home that plan to put up for sale? You may have been told by fellow home sellers that selling your home during the upcoming winter time is an utter impossibility. Don’t get discouraged though, because although it may be difficult, it can definitely be done. Regardless if your Vancouver property is located in condos or near community centres, here are tips on how to make buyers take notice of it during a challenging season.

Keep the exterior clean

Remember that the snow outside can prevent interested buyers from viewing your home. Prepare your home exterior by shovelling and scraping you driveway thoroughly. Aside from removing the snow, this can also prevent ice from forming too quickly. Post originally appeared on blog page.

Some Steps to Take When Your Condos for Sale Are Not Getting Attention

East Vancouver is not only known for its diverse ethnic population, but also for the various housing options in the area developed to accommodate the increasing population. Because of the available options for housing – from single-detached houses to townhouses – your condos for sale may not be getting as much attention and offers from qualified buyers. As a seller, you don’t want your properties to be on the market for too long; you want them to be sold immediately and at a fair price.

You can follow some of the suggestions below to make sure potential buyers who’ve been eyeing your properties become interested enough to actually bid on them. Read more on this article.

Three Vital Real Estate Tips for First Time Home Buyers in Vancouver

One of the first steps you should do when purchasing real estate for the very first time in East Vancouver is to hire a respected local real estate agency, such as Real East Van. This is especially important if you previously lived outside of Vancouver and moving to the city. Local real estate agents are more in-tune with the pulse of the city and more familiar with the neighbourhoods, improving your chances of finding a home that offers the perfect fit.

Aside from hiring a local real estate agent, you will also want to keep the following real estate tips in mind:

The B.C. First Time Home Buyers’ Program

British Columbia’s First Time Home Buyers Program is designed to eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) the amount of property transfer tax associated with the purchase of your first home. Some of the factors for qualification include. Read more from this blog.