Improve An East Vancouver Real Estate Property With Trees

You may find a lack of trees on a new property rather disappointing and unexciting. If you noticed, treeless homes do tend to cost less, and take longer to sell because of the lack in curb appeal. These very components, however, are what just might give you the opportunity to make the most out of such an East Vancouver real estate property.

You can take advantage of the low selling price of treeless homes, and then invest in improving its curb appeal, thereby raising the property’s value, by adding trees on the front lawn. This benefit is far from being merely imaginary, too, as a 2010 study published in Landscape and Urban Planning has found that properties with planted trees can easily enjoy up to as much as nineteen percent in value increase.

Which Trees to Pick?
Some trees have large root systems and others do not. Small gardens do better with native trees with long tap-roots and non-spreading root systems.


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